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Our Program


Our virtual telehealth program improves diabetics’ quality life by helping them to confidently control their blood sugar, therefore reducing suffering and expenses caused by diabetic complications. Many participants are preventing, reducing, and even reversing diabetic complications.


Despite years of research and treatment of diabetes, many diabetics still live with high blood sugar levels. This not only causes systemic cellular damage for the diabetic patient, but also creates stress, and often leads to serious complications. Usually conventional medicine attempts to bring blood sugar levels under control with medication “compliance”. This often has limited results, has drug side effects, and typically require more drugs, and usually keeps the patient diabetic.

Superior Program Methodology

Participants create a deep and supportive relationship with the same healthcare professional throughout the program. This allows healthcare professionals to “get to know” them, understand the participant’s unique needs, and collaborate more effectively. We understand that part of “healthcare” is the care part… this is what our healthcare professionals provide for the Participant.

  • Comprehensive holistic diabetes education from some of the best experts in the country.

  • Delicious and nutritious diet plan including many easy to prepare recipes.

  • Stress reduction and gentle therapeutic activity program designed with research backed techniques specifically for people with diabetes

  • A personal certified integrative medicine healthcare professional to guide you through the personal healthcare transformation process.

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Our program doesn’t just address diabetes. It helps your whole body and mind. It creates metabolic healing and helps you attain optimal health including:

  • Balancing blood sugar

  • Reducing high blood pressure

  • Reducing cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Optimizing body weight

  • Stress reduction

  • Deeper more restful sleep

  • More energy

  • Improved mental focus

  • Enhanced mood

  • Reduce inflammation and pain

We have research from around the world that supports our whole person approach to the best healthcare possible.

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12 Month Program

Participate Anywhere


People can participate in the program from anywhere they have a computer, tablet or smart phone. Participants notice changes quickly…which motivates them to keep going. We made it fun and easy to join.

Dynamic Engagement


We have a customized approach to allow employers and health plans to educate and engage their members in a way that works for your organization. We make sure people are a good fit for our program to make sure the health plan’s dollars are well spent.

Healthcare Professionals


All of our healthcare professionals are fully trained in addition to being Professional Certified Coaches skilled in our unique integrative whole person approach to chronic disease reversal.

More Effective Than American Diabetes Association Program
Of the US Population Has Diabetes
Current Estimate of People With Diabetes in the US
Of People With Diabetes Don’t Even Know They Are Diabetic


Our goal is to help people transform their lives so they can live a life full of vitallity. Here is just a little of what they had to say.

“I have tried every program out there… Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and even several diabetes programs. This was by far the most effective program of them all.


“It was great, it was the best experience! My healthcare professional was sensitive and supportive, and she was so knowledgeable! I learned so much. I lost 15 pounds, I learned how to heal my metabolism, and I was able to keep my blood sugar down so I felt really successful. I know what to do now, I can heal my metabolism, I don’t get cravings for sugar anymore.”


“This approach helped me lose 32 pounds in 12 weeks, several inches off my waist, and lower my blood sugar enough so I could come off (38 units of) insulin for my diabetes (in 6 weeks!), and still reduce my blood sugar from a “diabetes” level to a “pre-diabetes” level. I have not had this kind of control over my blood sugar for years.”

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