Our Coaching Philosophy


How can a health coach help you make the changes you want to make in your life?
Basically your health coach will:
  • Help you become clear about why and what to change
  • Assist in creating a reasonable plan for success
  • Be with you as you progress and overcome challenges
  • Celebrate your success
Let’s look more in depth at how a health coach can help you succeed.
Your coach will:
1. Assist with setting goals and staying motivated
Your coach will help you get very clear on exactly what your goals are and why you want to change. Maybe your goal is to live longer with a higher quality of life or to do things with your family in a more active way. Perhaps you want to feel better, do away with those daily needles, have more fun, or feel more alive. Without understanding and remembering your “why”, your reasons for changing, you might become sidetracked and let your goals fall by the wayside.
2. Build confidence
Once you have set those goals, your confidence will build as you make progress. Often we tend to overpromise and aren’t able to be successful. Your coach can help you find those simple, small doable steps that you can accomplish week after week. Remember, it’s the turtle that wins the race.
3. Support your autonomy
Your coach will not take over the change process but will offer support as you find what works for you. There are many ways to change. Maybe you like a detailed step-by-step plan, or perhaps you like to take a step, see how it feels, and then create the next step. Your coach will help you create a personal change process that works for you and will be right there with you when you make the changes.
4. Offer support
Your coach is with you, not pushing or pulling you, but facilitating your forward movement in a way that feels trustworthy and aligned with how you like to change things in your life. Your coach will help you feel empowered to make changes that you want to make, in the way you want to make them, and at the pace that works for you.
5. Listen and ask questions
Your coach will listen to you carefully so you can uncover and create what works for you. Your coach can also help you listen to yourself better and find those messages that let you know if you are on the right track. Sometimes it is your body that gives you good information to help you move forward.
Your coach will ask you meaningful questions informed by his or her knowledge that will help you become aware of your next best step forward. Some of the questions your coach asks might help you think about new options and possibilities that hadn’t occurred to you earlier. You know your coach has asked a powerful question when you need a minute to think about the answer.
6. Provide feedback
Your coach is an expert in behavior change and knows many ways to promote change. Your coach will give you feedback about patterns that he or she notices about both how you change and how you stop yourself from changing. This information will help you move past challenges that might have stopped you in the past. This feedback will be given in a supportive and caring manner, so that you know your coach is on your side…is part of your team…and is there to help you achieve your goals.
7. Help you understand information about diabetes and healthy lifestyle
Information about blood sugar, sleep, activity, nourishment, and stress reduction is part of our program, and your coach is there to help you get the facts straight and to see how the information can improve and fit into your life. He or she will share information only when you want it, so you don’t become overwhelmed. Your coach can help you sort out conflicting information in order to discover exactly what will work for you.
8. Assist you in making a plan
If people don’t make the plan for change, lasting success is much less likely to occur. Your coach will help you make a feasible plan and be there with you if the plan does not work as expected. Your coach will help you see the big picture, help you stay focused on your overall success, and help you realize that change involves ups and sometime downs as part of the process of going forward.
9. Set up accountability, evaluation, and celebration
You coach will be there in a positive way, week after week to see how you did with the commitments you made to yourself about changing. Your coach can help you build and support a positive inner voice.
Your coach will help you look at your change patterns that have brought success. When you clearly understand this process, you can use it later for other changes you want to make in your life.
Your coach will help you celebrate and enjoy those successful steps. Often people achieve a goal and are then off to the next one. We need a “to do” list, but we also need a “ta da” list.
10. What happens in group and individual coaching sessions?
With this program you have the best of both coaching worlds. In group coaching, you will use your regular phone to call a special conference call line. Your coach will lead group sessions, which provide that magical support you get from going someplace with others. For example, think of a time when you took a walk or run with others. Perhaps you inspired each other, realized you were not alone, learned from one another, stretched your abilities, or you went further. Working in a group adds energy to your progress.
You will work individually with your coach over the phone during regular scheduled sessions. During this special one-to-one time, your coach will work with you on your unique goals, plans, challenges, and successes.
Your coach:
  • Knows the latest, clinically proven information on how to reduce blood sugar and reduce diabetes
  • Is an expert in knowing many ways to change lifestyle behaviors
  • Is a licensed health care professional—another important distinction from other programs
  • Has graduated from a recognized integrative/holistic coach training program—not someone who has taken just a weekend course on how to be a health coach
  • Is certified by one of the leading coach organizations
Why choose this program and have a coach?
  • We have a successful track record…..participants make lasting changes and become healthier.
  • We provide well-trained, certified coaches that work with you both in individual and in group sessions.
  • We work with the whole person since one part of life affects another
  • Our program is convenient from any location, web, mobile and tablets.
  • We offer continual contact and support using clinically-demonstrated, successful approaches to reduce diabetes by lowering blood sugar
  • We are dedicated to helping people make healthy changes.

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Brief background of Dr. Linda Bark
  • Coach for 25 years
  • Teacher of coaching for 20 years
  • 2 nursing degrees, masters in life transition counseling, PhD in east/west philosophy and religion
  • Author of award winning coaching book
  • International speaker on coaching