Our Unique Approach

IM Health was created to empower organizations and individuals to effectively manage and gain control over the ever-increasing costs of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Our approach has been proven to be highly effective in getting results for certain large employers with the resources necessary to adopt this holistic healthcare philosophy, focusing on proactive “wellness”.  An elite group of Fortune 500 employers have actively added integrative medicine to their health plans, treating the employee as a “whole” person, and are reaping tremendous benefits.  IM Health aims to take “elite” out of the equation by offering accessible and affordable integrative health programs to individuals and mid-sized self-insured organizations.

Experts Agree…

DR. DONALD BERWICK“The adoption of the practices and principles of integrative medicine will transform healthcare, improve the healthcare system, reduce costs, and produce a much healthier nation .”

~ Dr. Donald Berwick, MD, Former CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement & Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Dr. Weil

“The combination of conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine is the best of both worlds”

~Dr. Andrew Weil MD  -Founder, professor, and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

DR G“It is a misnomer to think that clinicians can just treat the physical body and call it medicine.” 

~Cardiologist Erminia Guarneri, MD, Founder and Medical Director for the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

J & J

“It’s no secret that the success of the company and its value of the health and wellness of company employees are intricately intertwined, facilitating the development of a positive workplace environment across the board.”

IM Health makes the benefits of integrative medicine accessible and affordable.

Comprehensive integrative medicine programs and their proven positive outcomes are often not easily accessible to mid-sized (500+ employees) companies and individuals.  That’s where IM Health can help.

IM Health has taken the best practices as implemented by large employers and proven to be successful by research studies, and developed  programs for individuals and self-insured employers. You will find more detailed information about these treatment modalities and programs throughout our site.

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