Integrative Diabetes & Pre Diabetes Reversal Program

IM Health can improve the quality of your life by helping you to take better control of your diabetes & pre-diabetes – reducing and preventing complications.

IM Health’s program has made remarkable proven strides in reducing average blood sugar [A1C] in diabetes patients using integrative medicine. We are proud to bring this training and education in the natural treatment of diabetes & pre-diabetes.  

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All people who have diabetes and pre-diabetes have access to this program, which includes: ­

  •     Comprehensive holistic diabetes education from some of the best experts in the country.
  •     Delicious and nutritious diet plan including many easy to prepare recipes.
  •     Stress reduction and gentle exercise program designed specifically for people with diabetes & pre-diabetes
  •     A personal certified integrative medicine health coach to guide you through the personal healthcare transformation process.

What makes this program different or better than my current treatment?

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Despite years of research and treatment of diabetes, many diabetics still live with blood sugar levels outside a healthy range. This not only diminishes the quality of life for the diabetic, but also creates stress and often leads to serious complications. Conventional Western medical protocols try to bring blood sugar levels under control with medication. These often have limited results, side effects, typically require a second treatment and can eventually lead to insulin dependence.

Many diabetics don’t regularly check their blood sugar levels, and don’t know their A1c scores (2-3 month blood sugar average). It is important to understand what diabetes is, its cause, and what complications can result if it is not well managed. This program will teach you the relationship between weight, exercise, stress, and diabetes.

Integrative medicine approaches health care from both Western and alternative medicine methodologies – the best of both worlds! This unique diabetes program uses conventional medications combined with medically verified supplements (where appropriate), clearly explained dietary guidance, individualized telephone coaching to support your personal program, and an educational stress reduction program. More importantly, you will receive information and education around getting your diabetes under control, in order to prevent and reverse complications related to diabetes.

What are the goals of the program?

The goal for all participants is to develop an understanding of how to better manage your diabetes, improve the quality of your life and health, and provide a better understanding regarding the progression of diabetes and the consequences if not well managed.

From a lab perspective, your A1c is a blood test that gives an average of your blood sugar levels over a three-month period. Participants of the program can expect to see a significant decrease in this marker. Using this unique approach, 95% of diagnosed diabetic participants have achieved a hemoglobin A1c level of 6.5 (pre-diabetes level) or below after completing the program.

How do I become a participant?

Once you sign up, you will receive an information packet including: a health history form, a food diary, and a lab requisition order for you to have a series of blood panels drawn to assess your current status. We will review your blood results, food diary and health history, to develop a clear picture of where YOU are, and to establish YOUR goals for the first phase of the program.

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