Partner Referral Program

Want to Reach Out and Help Someone with Diabetes or Pre Diabetes?

Why not share your knowledge of our program with your network of friends and colleagues? Refer a friend and get rewarded!

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Highlights of the Referral Program

How to Refer a Participant to the Program

Four Easy Steps

Step 1. Get in touch with your referral to ensure the participant or organization has a need for our program.
Step 2. Complete the referral form below to register your information so we can keep you informed of our program, and be able to process payment when your referral signs onto the program.
Step 3. Complete the referral form. Remember to include your name, email and phone so we can track the referral.
Step 4. A member of our team will contact your referral shortly. If they become a customer we will send you your choice of:

  • Check/PayPal payment for the referral for you.

  • A Credit for future participants (designed for physicians to give their patients a “pay it forward” discount.)

  • A donation of the equivalent amount to a charity of your choice


Partner Referral Program

  • IM Health will provide a referral fee on each participant that closes within 120 days after the initial Referral Form.
  • In the event of any disagreement concerning Referral Fees, IM Health agrees to confer in good faith to resolve the dispute; however, IM Health reserves the final right to determine Referral Fees.
  • Acceptance of leads to qualify for Referral Fee is solely at the discretion of IM Health.
  • The execution of a IM Health® End-User License will be the responsibility of IM Health and the participant.
  • IM Health will pay the Referral Fee within forty-five (45) days after IM Health receives payment from the participant.  Participant must stay enrolled in the program past any “trial” period in order for fees to be paid .
  • Please fill out form below to participate in the program.

Referral Terms and Conditions

Referral Form