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Our diabetes program saved $5,890 Per Participant in the first year. *

* Claims cost savings data was tracked by Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan Third Party Administrator

Superior Healing = More Savings

Our integrative whole person approach provides diabetics with the best care possible for their long-term health. Better care equals healthier patients… and that creates sustainable healthcare cost reduction for health plans.

Pay For Results

Most health program vendors estimate cost savings or take several years to just break even. Stop guessing if new health programs actually save you money. We will partner with your team to demonstrate our program works. We track tangible financial savings metrics and show you the power of our approach. We believe you should only pay for results.

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We Guarantee It

We take the financial risk because we know our program works. We guarantee our diabetes program will save your health plan money or we’ll pay you back. We only charge you for people who participate in the program, so there is no guessing about savings.

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Health Plan Dollars Saved From Our Program Per Diabetic Patient in 12 Months
Estimated Healthcare Costs of Diabetes Patient Per Year
Cost of Kidney Dialysis Per Year Due to Complications From Diabetes
Estimated 3 Year Total Costs of Leg Amputation Due to Complications From Diabetes

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