About Us

IM Health

IM Health was created to empower organizations to use the most clinically effective integrative approach to gain control over the ever-increasing costs of chronic diseases like diabetes. We track claims costs and blood work markers so that we can prove the program is effective.It’s that simple!

Vision & Mission

Dr. Geoff DePaulaFounder & CEO
“Integrative medicine is the sustainable medicine of the future. Its all about getting the patient the best whole person care, that allows the most effective healing to take place. Lasting healing takes place when patients are educated about the many way the body can heal and stay healthy and vibrant. As more people are exposed to this paradigm, they will not want to “go back” to the way they were before. “
Dr.Linda BarkPrincipal and Chief Coaching Officer at IM Health
“If a client who is not sleeping well begins to have more restful sleep, the client could have more energy that could be used to increase exercise. This in turn, might reduce their stress level and allow for more focus on meal planning. Eating healthier can produce clearer thinking, improved mood, and even more energy. These benefits enhance one another and lasting change is created which is aligned with the client’s unique vision and goals.”


Multidimensional Program

Our coaches are well trained and experienced in the power of our multidimensional program, they help clients develop new healthy habits in one area of their life that facilitates easier changes in other areas…and soon a new lasting approach to living is established.

Evidence – Based Approach

Our coaches use cutting edge evidence-based approaches that address “food as medicine”, therapeutic activities, including powerful stress reducing methods that promote lasting lifestyle change.