Integrative Medicine – The “Best of Both Worlds”

IM Health strives to bring patients “the best of both worlds,” utilizing both Western medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities with evidence-based effectiveness to optimize patient outcomes.

Harvard trained physician, Dr. Andrew Weil MD, presents the benefits of integrating conventional Western medicine and CAM modalities.

The 6 Principles  of an Integrative Medicine Strategy

Integrative medicine seeks to refocus treatment of disease on health and healing, and away from disease symptom management.  IM Health programs successfully achieve the goals of this intelligent combination of conventional and alternative medicine.

This approach emphasizes whole person medicine where we are about more than just the physical body – instead we are minds, spirits, and community members.  Emphasis is placed on all aspects of lifestyle, as well as the importance of the practitioner-patient relationship to the healing practice.  A conscious effort is made to incorporate all effective methods of treatment from all traditions — that is the alternative piece.

The 6 principles of every integrative medicine strategy are:

1. A use of natural and less-invasive treatment whenever possible – “first do no harm”

2. An effective working partnership between patient and practioner

3. A blend of conventional and holistic treatments

4. A thorough consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness and disease (mind, spirit, body and community) throughout treatment

5. A recognition that good medicine should be open to new (or ancient) paradigms of healing

6. A proactive promotion of health and wellness, in conjunction with treatment of disease

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