Clinically Effective Evidence-Based Medicine

IM Health programs are based on clinically effective evidence-based medicine.

IM Health developed treatment protocols using clinically effective evidence-based medicine and volumes of supporting research. Currently available are clinically effective evidence-based programs to control & reverse diabetes.  Data points from real-world clinical research identify the following benefits and savings of using an integrative medicine approach to treating chronic disease:

  • Reduction in diabetic blood sugars from “dangerous” levels to “pre-diabetes” or even “non-diabetic” levels.  Reducing and even reversing diabetic complications!
  • Reduction in overall surgeries, hospitalizations, and procedures by almost 60%
  • Reduction in medications by up to 85% through improved health outcomes
  • Reduction in use of pain medication for lower back pain by 58%
  • Statistically significant increased resiliency in the work place due to stress reduction and mind-body programs
  • Average overall health cost savings of over $30,000 per participant for patients who have heart disease in the first year of the program

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